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"Affections have its repercussions."


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You raised your head up from the files you worked on at the sound of the door opening. A boy, not more than sixteen, clad in a black tee, denim pants and a pair of converse entered. He looked around cautiously in the room, a tinge of fear evident in his stormy grey eyes. As he stepped inside, a large, buff man in a blue uniform followed, closed the door and stood by the doorway. Not a moment after, the teen's steel gaze landed on you. He approached and sat on a chair in front of your table. As he made himself comfortable, you set the papers aside and grabbed a blank template from your drawer. Setting it flat on your table, you readied your pen and began business.

"Hello, my name is Dr. (F/n) (L/n). Call me Dr. (L/n). Now, can you tell me your name?"

He was silent, as though unsure whether to answer or not, but then he complied.


"Last name?"

"Jones. Mark Jones."

"Brilliant. So, tell me, why are you here?"

Mark glared at you, as if offended by your question, but you didn't falter. Being a psychiatrist did have its repercussions, especially with one assigned to an asylum. However, you have gotten used to it and have learned how to deal with it accordingly. A glare was nothing to the worst you have experienced.

He took his time to glare at you and, like before, he answered.

"I killed five people," he replied bitterly.

"And who are these people?"

"Bad people."

You didn't need to elaborate on that. Judging by the bags under his eyes, his malnourished physique and the nervous fluttering of his gaze away from you  as he spoke, he was a target for bullies. "What made you do that?"

At this, his strong facade fell and he seemed to cave in from the weight of what he had done. "I... I don't know."

"I'm sorry?"

"I don't know," Mark replied flatly. "I don't even remember."

You jotted this down. Scanning over at your notes, you quickly knew what the case of this poor lad was.

"Well," you started, tucking the pen in your shirt pocket, "you have a case of Schezophrenia. But, don't worry. It's not something incurable, with all the techs we've got now. You'll be taking Chlorpromazine. It'll help. Tim will accompany you to your room and meet the other people there. Afterwards, you can go to the recreation room for most of the day, albeit there would be daily group sessions, which starts every 8 AM." You took a folder from the organizer and slipped the document in. "Meals would be announced," you said with a smile.

With that, Tim walked to Mark and laid a heavy hand on his shoulder, causing the younger one to flinch and snap his head to the intimidating personnel. Mark stood up and followed the larger man as he exited the room. The door closed, and you listened as their footsteps echoed and grew distant into silence. You took your pen and wrote your new patient's name on the folder, and after that, you returned back to your previous paperwork.

Reminisce [1] - Psychiatrist!Reader + SlenderMan
...with mentions of a new proxy(?).

You are a psychiatrist in an asylum. Somehow, the new patient's "schezophrenic symptoms" seem familiar...

By the way, this is my first reader insert fanfic. I hope that it turns out well. :D

Fanfic greatly inspired by this masterpiece:…


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This pic is magnifique.

As my sister watches me type this very sentence, we have just finished a heart-to-heart conversation regarding literary anxieties, specifically re-reading past works which, in our case, is quite a horrendous step to take, knowing that our works a few years prior were just. Utterly... how do you say this - ridiculous: our intolerable grammar, dim sentence construction, and pathetic attempts at making our works a teeny weeny bit better by using such unnecessarily big words.

Enough of that, and to the point now.

I - I mean - we are such wimps.

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