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It had always been so hard being Rachel Royals, having so many burdens befalling on her frail shoulders. They had weighed her down, and pulled her down to the ground, descending her in a slow pace, a regretting sight of her hopes and dreams above her.

As a child, she had always been a dreamer, having seen so many places and soared unimaginable heights that were all her mother and father’s comprehension. She neither felt a sort of weariness nor fatigue; neither did she need to lift a single finger to arrive at those majestic places that derogated her own home to shame.

All she had to do was think, and in a flash, she’d be whatever and wherever she wanted to be.

Then, they all started to slowly slip away, one by one replaced by lessons on etiquette and decorum, politics and diplomacy, and numbers and money – they fell on her shoulders, slowly building up, and her knees buckled at the increasing weight until they yelled their protest. She yelled her protest, and yet they fell on the deaf ears of her tutors, seniors and even her parents.

And they had been the ones who told her to follow her dreams.

And now they ask, no, demand that she grow up.

Ironic, since that seemed like a kind way of saying to abandon herself, the dreamer, her dreams.

They all wanted her to “grow up,” to sit in a luxuriously upholstered chair her whole life, talking to benign people with malevolent intent; to stay in a suffocating space filled with stacks and stacks of papers scrawled with gibberish and rubbish, a quill in her hand to sign alliances and trades that were said to be for the good of the people, when in fact the people can properly take care of themselves if they could just move their arses and fend for a living; to be a proper lady, a proper Queen, whom people could revere to, look up to…

When she herself had lost everything she ever looked up to, already distant as it kept ascending since then.

And yet, she never looked away.

Even when it was she who had let go of them, her dreams of sky-breaking palaces and start-streaking mountains, of vigorous vegetations springing in the opulent soils that twinkle with precious minerals, of trekking waterfalls that shower misty rainbows and giant waves at their heightening collision to a rampant river…

Of small birds that left their nests as they move south, flocking in a big vee that everyone below them saw. Not everyone knew which bird was which though, what kind they were precisely, and they chose to ignore them. But those who had knowledge of them – even from their silhouettes they could determine what species they were, even get a picture of what they looked like as they venture against winds.

She wondered if they ever come back to the same nest they built when it was time for them to.
She wondered if her dreams that kept getting farther away would come back one day. If she just kept waiting.

It was like pleading Time to reverse itself. Utterly hopeless, utterly childish, just like a dream.

A dream that rises you up into your greatest desires and ambitions, and they will all fall down once the first ray of the day slips its way into your eyelids.

It was time to wake up, time to let go. Time to grow up.
Of Birds and Dreams
This ruined-childhood theme of mine is getting... overused.

My childhood is the brightest part of my life. I know that many people would beg to differ, having had unpleasant experiences occurring in this young stage of life. It is the most important, because our minds are blank and thirsty for knowledge. Once it is stained, it can never be erased. Therefore, let us cherish the youth, because we are the ones responsible for the foundation of their future.

And please, stop rushing children to grow up. Let them take their time and enjoy this temporary period where they can be free. We are meant to guide them, not strangle them. They'll grow up eventually, and if you are to steal their fun because of your haste, then you're cruel.


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Hey there!


I really don't know what to say.

As my sister watches me type this very sentence, we have just finished a heart-to-heart conversation regarding literary anxieties, specifically re-reading past works which, in our case, is quite a horrendous step to take, knowing that our works a few years prior were just. Utterly... how do you say this - ridiculous: our intolerable grammar, dim sentence construction, and pathetic attempts at making our works a teeny weeny bit better by using such unnecessarily big words.

Enough of that, and to the point now.

I - I mean - we are such wimps.

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